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Panthéon Bouddhique

The Panthéon Bouddhique (19 avenue d’Iéna, metro Iéna), located in the chic 16th arrondissement, is an offshoot of the Musée Guimet. It is open everyday except Tuesday, from 9:45 am to 5:45 pm. Admission is free.

This treasure trove features religious art from Japan, China and India.  The 250 Japanese works were collected by Emile Guimet (1836-1918) during his travels to Japan. The Chinese works displayed date back to the Six Dynasties (5th-6th centuries). As a longtime fan of Buddhist art, I enjoyed comparing and contrasting the various styles and time periods that the statues represent.


An exit on the ground floor leads to a charming, serene Japanese garden, which is visible through the museum’s large glass windows:

The Panthéon Bouddhique is one block away from the very large and impressive Musée Guimet (6, place d’Iéna, metro Iéna or Trocadéro) which features all sorts of Asian art; pictured below:


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Here is something easy, free and interesting to check out while waiting for the metro. At the Saint-Germain-des-Prés (line 4) metro stop, there is a small art display. I don’t know if they change what’s in the cases, as I only made it here once. What I saw was a time line of the publication of French and foreign literary works, Nobel Prizes and the like, with simple cartoons to go along.

And a time line of classic existential and otherwise thought-provoking works:

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